Talking about the marketing work of coal mine machinery manufacturing enterprises  

1. the importance of e-commerce marketing in coal mine machinery manufacturing enterprises

  1.1 Correct attitude, enhance the responsibility of marketing work

  Liberating the mind and correcting the attitude is the first thing that marketers should pay attention to in their work. General marketing management, many of the problems are due to the lack of responsibility of the marketing staff and no correct attitude, only the importance of e-commerce marketing has a correct understanding of the marketing work to give sufficient affirmation to ensure a positive mindset to face the design.

  1.2 Skills training, improve the overall marketing management level

  Restricted by the economic factors of coal mine machinery manufacturing enterprises, in many coal mine machinery manufacturing enterprises, most of the marketing staff is difficult to access higher level accounting skills training, which makes the marketing management level of coal mine machinery manufacturing enterprises always stop at a lower management level, which brings many problems to the management mode of coal mine machinery manufacturing enterprises in the new era to keep pace with the times.

  1.3 Strengthen enterprise hardware management, optimize marketing efficiency

  In the coal mine e-commerce marketing management, all relevant units should pay attention to the management of enterprise internal hardware and equipment to ensure that in the process of marketing work each marketing equipment can provide the required specifications and procedures in a timely and accurate manner, which not only effectively ensures the quality of accounting management of coal mine machinery manufacturing enterprises, but also to avoid bringing huge economic losses to society as far as possible.

  1.4 Adapt the application of marketing and customer relationship management

  At this stage, the marketing work of China’s coal mine machinery manufacturing enterprises has reached an advanced international level, which provides the basic conditions for the comprehensive development of coal mine marketing information systems. The information construction of China’s coal mine marketing has basically completed the construction of the production system, and today, TMIS, TDCS and other systems have a mature level of internationalization, and with the rapid development of the world’s Internet technology, which provides very strong support for the current strategic decision-making and marketing of coal accounting work.

  2. The main strategies for marketing development of Chinese coal machinery manufacturing enterprises

  A noteworthy phenomenon for Chinese coal mining machinery manufacturing enterprises is that the pace of development of foreign companies in China is accelerating. In the face of increasing market competition, coal mine machinery manufacturing enterprises want to achieve better survival and greater development in the new situation, it is necessary to accelerate the development of modern information technology, through the implementation of e-commerce and other means to improve the business management capabilities of enterprises to enhance the ability to adapt to the market and participate in the competition is an important way out. For China’s e-commerce model, we specifically put forward the following strategies that can be taken.

  2.1 Construction of enterprise performance appraisal system with balanced scorecard

  As the balanced scorecard has the characteristics of strategy as the core, process management and goal management, financial and non-financial indicators coexist, and short-term and long-term goals are balanced. Therefore, the balanced scorecard can be used for enterprises in different life cycle stages, but the implementation focus is closely related to the life cycle stage in which the enterprise is located.

  2.2 Give full play to the marketing function of the website

  Standing at the level of marketing, the website can not only serve as the online face of coal enterprises, but also one of the important marketing tools for enterprises. Therefore, after the construction of the website is completed, we should maximize the marketing function of the website as much as possible.

  2.3 Make full use of information technology to improve business management

  The development of e-commerce has prompted enterprises to fully realize that: to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, we must make full use of information technology to improve business management. For coal mining machinery manufacturing enterprises can use electronic commerce for centralized procurement management, which will certainly improve the transparency of the procurement process and reduce procurement costs; the use of unified financial management software, direct control of all income and expenses, which will certainly reduce the business risk and improve economic efficiency. The level of application of information technology in business management activities largely reflects the market adaptability and competitiveness of this enterprise, and should not be taken lightly.

  2.4 The application of data mining technology in accounting work

  With the development of computer data mining technology, the application of data mining tools in information systems is becoming more and more widespread, even though there is no shortage of technically mature, but for coal mine manufacturing enterprises accounting, a very professional industry, it is difficult to fully meet all the requirements of the industry.

  3.? Conclusion

  Coal as China’s important non-renewable resources, its enterprise marketing management work in China’s position is undoubtedly can not be ignored. Coal mining enterprise marketing work not only helps the choice of enterprise decision-making, and this choice is not set in stone in the marketing process, it can be well according to the internal data of the enterprise at any time to check its applicability and make corresponding adjustments to the enterprise situation or timely replacement. Through which the data model can well implement website construction and maintenance for coal mine enterprise marketing management, the system interface is visualized and operative, which is bound to benefit the technical and economic benefits of China’s coal mine business, and will have very good reference and guidance for coal mine enterprise marketing work.