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Granite slabs also tend to seam up better than prefab countertops. Countertops made from “slab granite” are actual, honest-to-goodness natural occurring rock of real granite that is cut into slabs for use in homes, apartments, and commercial buildings. Perhaps you’ve seen these various slabs at your local fabricator. Pre-fabricated granite, commonly referred to as “prefab,” is granite that is mass-produced at a facility and comes precut in pieces. At the facility, the pieces are cut, the edge details finished, then the slabs are shipped here in containers and are ready to be installed.

Granite countertops have long been sought after as a high end necessity, melting form and function, to give your kitchen or bathroom the luxurious look you’ve been dreaming of. However, granite countertops can sometimes come with more than just style – sticker shock. There is a much more affordable option to getting the granite countertops of you’re dreams, and it’s called Prefabricated, or Prefab Granite Countertops. Prefab granite countertops area already cut and the slabs are in stock, available for you to see before purchasing. The main misconception about prefabricated countertops is that they are imitation stone, but this is not the case. They are just as real as any other natural marble or granite countertop, but prefab options differ from slab stone in a few key ways.

Slab countertops are unique and completely customizable, but they require more time and money. With prefabricated counters, the dimensions are set in stone. If you have standardkitchen cabinets or a standard bathroom vanity, a prefab counter will work great for your renovation. If you need more surface area or you have an L-shaped countertop, you can always connect two pieces with a seam.

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We can show you a wide selection of designs, colors, and cuts, and offer suggestions on what may be the best type of countertop for your home. We can customize any countertop to your specifications, deliver it on time, and install with a minimum amount of fuss or bother. Our staff will be on hand to assist you on every step of the way. KNC offers a wide selection of granite, marble, and quartz surfaces that you can check out in our gallery. Knowledgeable staff are on hand to help you choose the right material for your needs.

It’s pretty insane to me how they are able to do that and have it be accurate enough to cut these massive pieces of stone! We also had the sink on-site, so I thought that they would take it with them to attach it or do the template there, but our sink came with a paper template that they were able to just take. Getting our countertops in was a HUGE milestone for ourDIY kitchen reno. Countertops are a major part of the expense of a new kitchen, so I shopped around and found a great option for ours from a local place, but I’ll share how you can find something similar near you. Eleganza’s new line of porcelain surfaces offers an innovative prefabrication system that enables you to create with ease and flexibility.

Timeless white kitchens get a design boost with Iced White Prefabricated Quartz, which combines shades of white and gray accent specks, making your kitchen look like a winter wonderland. And don’t worry, this white delight is stain-resistant, so the inevitable wine and spaghetti sauce spills won’t bother you a bit. Gray has become a top color pick for kitchens, and Stellar Gray Quartz is a homeowner favorite. The quartz has a medium gray background with flecks that add interest and dimension. Stellar Gray plays particularly well with contemporary designs, especially modern industrial and urban chic.